About Republic Motorsports

Republic Motorsports is an initiative by Republic Motors. To encourage motorsports in India and globe this is a platform where various motorsports opportunity is available to professionals, students and motorsports enthusiast. We believe that any sports can only be successful after involvement of masses, we believe in removing obstacle we believe in giving opportunities.

Republic motorsports professional series is a platform where people who are passionate about motorsports can participate and perform; this series includes rallies, all terrain vehicle challenges, drag car racing and many more.  

Republic Motorsports student design challenge series is launched with a motto of bringing best engineering abilities out of young engineering or diploma students, the purpose of this event series is to make them understand about motorsports and its engineering aspects. These series is conceptualized in a very unique manner which will be combination of both sports and well as education, we believe that technical education must involve a great amount of practical and hand on experience for making this culture we are giving opportunity to students to make their own vehicle as per the regulation issued by us. Participation in these challenges will enhance practical skills of engineers, beside this globally competent platform like this will make them industry ready.

About Republic Motors

Republic Motors is an Indian Electric vehicle manufacturing company which manufacturer 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler electric vehicle for domestic as well as for global market .Apart from electric vehicle Republic motors is deeply involved in motorsports, in last two years Republic motors have organized and sponsored many events. Republic Motors in leading manufacturer of motorsports utility spare parts, vehicle. Our clientele includes more then 400+ team in India and globe.